How to treat acne with natural products?


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Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples, especially on the face, shoulders, back, neck, chest, and upper arms. Acne is a skin disorder that suppresses an individual’s self-esteem regarding physical appearance, caused a lack of confidence when meeting people.  Acne commonly occurs during puberty, when the sebaceous glands active, but it can occur at any age. Mostly acne is not dangerous, but acne can leave skin scars. In serious cases, acne in some area can cause brain abscess.

There are many kinds of chemical substances for acne treatment, topical and oral medicine. The common side effect of topical products is skin irritation, dryness or even getting worse. Oral antibiotics also commonly prescribe for acne treatment. As we known, long term antibiotics use should be concerned for drug resistance and side effects.

How can we treat acne without chemical medicine?

The cause of acne are multifactorial factors from inside and outside factors. So, we need to combine the natural herbal products and treatments to achieve the best result. These are the methods I use to treat my patients.

  • Topical daily natural products

Daily natural products play important role for acne treatment. There are many natural substances scientifically proved that are helpful for acne.

  • Mangosteen extract (Garciniam angostana) has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation effect.
  • Witch Hazel extract (Hamamelis virginiana) could significantly reduce bacteria grow, thus preventing inflammation and acne formation.
  • Fenugreek extract (Trigonella foenum) has mucilage component with protecting, emollient and healing effects and saponin component with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities
  • German Chamomile extract (Chamomille ruticata) has naturally substance with antioxidant, anti–inflammatory and soothing properties
  • Great Plantain (Plantago major) has anti-inflammatory property and benefit effect for acceleration of wound healing process
  • Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and anti-acne formation effects.
  • Natural supplement

Natural supplements are helpful in severe acne cases. “Blood tonic” is 100% natural herb. This Formula improved blood quality and blood circulation can help improve the acne lesion and blemishes.

  • Treatment at clinic

There are treatments help improve the acne

  • Comedone extraction

Extraction will clear the comedone occlusion that help accelerate acne improvement.

  • Multivitamin blend treatment

Using natural whitening and natural anti-acne ingredients into the skin help improve the pigment and acne lesion.

  • APL: Advance Pulse light

APL is the pulse light that can decrease P.acne (bacteria that cause acne), decrease inflammation and acne blemishes

  • Pigment Laser (Q switch Nd:YAG laser)

The newest model can improve acne blemishes. US FDA approved model is highly recommended for safety and effectiveness.

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