About pigment we have to know

There are many kinds of pigments: these are common pigments

  • Melasma
  • Flat mole (Junctional nevus)
  • Solar lentigines
  • Hori

Cause: abnormal function of pigment cell

Factor: External and internal factor

  • External factor: Sun, chemical irritation
  • Internal factor: aging, hormone, medicine

How to care
External care
There are many ways to treat pigment.

  • Pigment Laser is the 1st priority for pigment treatment. How can we choose the pigment laser?
    1. US FDA approved laser is the machine with high standard for safety and effectiveness.
    2. Newest model laser develops for more effectiveness and correcting unwanted complication from old model. The newest model can improve the pigment, skin quality and less complication.
  • Natural Multivitamin Treatment help improving pigment problem and also protecting recurrence. Because chemical irritation can stimulate pigment, so natural multivitamin is more recommended.
  • Fruit acid is a basic treatment for long time. But it helps peeling only superficial skin and then the pigment will come back again.
    • Daily products are important in pigment care because we expose to internal and external factor everyday.
      1. Sunscreen product can protect us from sun light. The sun light can stimulate pigment product and destroy our skin too. We should apply sun screen every day. Sun screen formula that can attach well on skin is highly recommend because it will not dissolve out by sweat.
      2. Natural products are researched and developed to replace chemical substance that may affect our health. There are natural active ingredients scientifically proved to be safe and effective.
      o Vitamin C is an antioxidant help protecting our skin from sun. there are research that Vitamin C can inhibit pigmentation and increase collagen synthesis that improve skin quality.
      o Tomato extract is enriched with vitamins and antioxidant. Researcher found tomato extract can improve skin smoothness, elasticity and abnormal pigmentation.
      o Artocarpus lacucha is an Asian herb. Scientist found its extract has antioxidant and whitening properties. So it can protect our skin from aging process, whiten our skin and improve abnormal pigment.
      o Alpha arbutin is derived from bearberry plant. It can inhibit pigment production.

Internal care

Internal factors can aggravate the pigment, so supplement also help improving health and pigment. Natural supplements are more recommended than chemical ones. There are some natural products that have scientific support to be safe and effective.
Radix Astragalus is an herb that is used worldwide. Scientific researches found Radix Astragalus benefits in many health aspects. It can boost the immune system, protect heart from ischemia, protect kidney from diabetes and promote blood production. More blood production reflects healthy pink skin. Also it proved to increase collagen production, enhance cutaneous would healing process and whiten the skin. The update research found Radix astragalus can lengthen telomere at the end of chromosome. That means it helps protecting aging process.
Radix Angelicae sinensis is a popular herb for tonifying blood and cardiovascular system. Scientific researches found that Blood tonify can help improving hormonal balance that will alleviate perimenopausal symptom and abnormal pigment.
Rhizoma Atractylodes macrocephala is widely use in herbal medicine. There are scientific supports for anti-inflammatory activity which is important point of internal healing.
Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng is an herb that WHO (World Health Organization) data show it can enhance mental and physical capabilities, in case of weakness, exhaustion, tiredness and loss of concentration. This means it benefits for our health.

In summary:

There are external and internal factors that can stimulate the pigment. Laser is the 1st priority to treat the pigment. Daily products also play important role in pigment care. External used products such as sunscreen and products with natural extracts help improving the pigment and protecting from new pigment. Internal care can benefit our health and skin from inside out. Natural products are the best benefits for your skin and your health.

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