Long COVID Hair Loss and Sexual Dysfunction

COVID infection is associated with a range of persistent symptoms impacting everyday function, know as post-COVID-19 condition or long COVID. UK-based primary care database analysis of 486,149 adults with COVID infection shows 62 symptoms associated with COVID infection after 12 weeks. Long COVID found in female morethan male and in younger morethan older.

♥️The largest symptoms were♥️
1. Anosmia
2. Hair loss
3. Sneezing
4. ejaculation difficulty
5. reduce libido.

At Piyawat Clinic, during COVID era, there are a lot of patients come with hair loss problem. 40% -50% of cases had history of COVID infection or COVID vaccine injection within 1-3 months. 10% of COVID cases presented with sexual dysfunction or reducing libido.

♦️Long COVID hair loss symptom♦️
✅️ Diffuse hair loss 1-3 months ( average 2 month) after COVID infection.
✅️ Normally there is no itching, no scale.
✅️ Trichoscopy ( hair microscopy) shows closed hair follicle.
Hair loss is not only affected beauty aspect but also affects social confidence, personality, mental status and may lead to depression.

♦️Sexual dysfunction symptom♦️
Male symptom
✅️ Erectile dysfunction
✅️ Ejaculation difficulty
✅️ Low sex drive
Female symptom
✅️ Low sex drive
✅️ Dry vagina
✅️ Dyspareunia(pain during intercourse)
✅️ Orgasmic disorder
Sexual dysfunction affects relationship between couple. It also affect mental health. So patients need proper treatments.

🔷️How to treat🔷️
♦️ Long COVID hair loss♦️
At Piyawat Clinic, we have a lot of long COVID hair loss cases. We treat patients with our signature method.
✅️ “Fractional hair laser” combined with “Hair Mesotherapy”. These will help stimulate and rejuvenate hair root and scalp.
✅️ “Blood Tonic” , 100% herbal medicine, help improve microcirculation and hair growth.
✅️ Hair lotion are home-used products help improve scalp condition and stimulate hair growth.
Most patients get reducing hair loss within 1st treatment.

♦️Sexual dysfunction♦️
At Piyawat Clinic, we treat sexual dysfunction with 100% herbal medicines. Doctor will prescribe herbal medicines according to the patient’s problem and symptoms. Please consult doctor for proper management.

IV Therapy とは

日本では、美容点滴と呼ばれているIV Therapy。ビタミンと栄養素を血管に直接注入するトリートメントです。ビタミンや栄養素が確実に吸収され、即効性があります。

なぜ IV Therapyなのか?

● IV Therapyは、全身にビタミンや栄養素を早く届ける事ができます
● IV Therapyは消化器系を迂回して臓器に直接入るため、90-100%の吸収率が得られます(経口では20-50%しか吸収されません)
● IV Therapyは即効性があります
●アレルギーのある方は、腸内吸収不良の場合があるので、IV Therapyは有効だと考えられています

IV Therapyの有効性


適切な IV Therapyの種類については、医師にご相談ください。



What Is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy or Intravenous Therapy is the administration of delivering Vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed and used immediately.


Why IV Therapy?

  • IV Therapy is the fastest way to deliver vitamins and nutrients throughout the body.
  • IV Therapy bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the organs, resulting in a 90-100% absorption rate (as opposed to only 20-50% possible orally).
  • IV Therapy works almost instantaneously.
  • Patients with allergy may have malabsorption secondary to gut irritation.


What are IV Therapy used for?

  • Exhaustion or Fatigue.
  • Immunity support.
  • Cold or flu relief.
  • Prevent or Improved jet lag.
  • Before sun-exposed activity: – going to the beach, playing golf.
  • Skin brightening.
  • Illness recovery.
  • Anti-ageing purpose.

Please consult doctor for proper IV therapy formular.


How To Treat Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. The common problems are

  • Hair loss from Genetics (Androgenetic alopecia)
  • Hair loss after childbirth or breast feeding
  • Hair loss from Hormonal change.
  • COVID infection
  • Hair loss from underlying health problem such as insomnia, stress, disease

At Piyawat Clinic, our doctor had faced hair loss and thinning. Therefore, the doctor has developed products and treatment for himself. The highlight of products and treatment is good efficacy without pain. Doctor has been continuously developing hair loss treatment for more than 15 years.

  • Mesotherapy is our signature hair loss treatment. Doctor use tiny needle scratch onto scalp to deliver special solution. Patients often feel scared when they see needles for the first time. But the doctor will not insert the needle into the scalp. So, this treatment does not hurt you at all. This procedure takes only 10-15 minutes. It should be done every 1-2 weeks.
  • Fractional Hair Laser is additional treatment combined with mesotherapy. It helps stimulate hair follicle and help improve mesotherapy solution penetrate the hair root and scalp. The laser should be done every 2 weeks combined with mesotherapy.
  • Blood Tonic is 100% herbal medicine helped improve blood microcirculation. It will increase nutrients to hair and scalp which are important for hair growth.
  • Hair lotions are home-used products help improve scalp condition, open hair follicle, and stimulate hair growth.
  • Digital microscope hair analysis (Trichoscopy) will be done by doctor to investigate and analyze scalp and hair problems. During this process, you can see your scalp and hair problem. And you will be able to see the changes after treatment as well.

Treatment result

New hair can be seen by digital microscope within 3 weeks.


English: Scroll down
Article by Dr. Piyawat POOMSUWAN, Dr.Tiwanun PROMVARANON














  • 大人ニキビの一番の原因です
  • 典型的な症状は、口の周りの赤い吹き出物です
  • ニキビは、月経前後、閉経周辺期または閉経期、経口避妊薬の中止、または DHEA、プロゲステロンなどのホルモン剤の使用中に増加する可能性があります





  • スキンケア製品も大人のニキビの一般的な原因です。 「コメドジェニック」成分がニキビ面皰(めんぽう)の原因になります
  • 初期症状は、両頬のニキビ面皰(めんぽう)ができます。通常、新しいスキンケア製品を使用開始して1ヶ月以内で発生する可能性があります。赤く、炎症を起こした状態が後で発生する可能性もあります




  • 身体的、感情的、心理的ストレスを含むストレスは、にきびを誘発する可能性があります
  • 一般的なストレスは、ニキビを誘発します

 ■不眠症 (よく眠れない)、十分な休息がない





  • 赤くなったり、炎症を起こすニキビが一般的な症状です











 ピヤワットクリニックでは、大人ニキビをこのような天然成分を主に使用したトリートメントや商品を使用して、治療しています。当クリニックの製品はノンコメドジェニックです (にきび面皰を引き起こしません)。




  • ブラッドトニックは、ホルモンの乱れを改善するのに役立つ100%天然の漢方薬です。ニキビの赤みやニキビなどの改善に役立ちます
  • バガンナNは、ストレスや不眠症の改善に役立つ100%天然の漢方薬です












APL: アドバンスパルスライト




シミレーザー(Qスイッチ Nd: YAGレーザー)


ニキビ跡を改善できる最新モデルレーザー。US FDA承認モデルは、安全性と有効性が認められており、強くお勧めします。

Acne is a big bother for adults. It is a skin disorder that suppresses an individual’s self-esteem regarding physical appearance, caused a lack of confidence when meeting people.

A treatment that worked so well during our teen years can be useless or even make acne worse.

♦️Can adult 30s, 40s, 50s get acne?♦️
Yes, adults can get acne.

Some adults continue to get acne well into their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. It is even possible to get acne for the first time as an adult. It is “adult-onset acne.”

It is most common among women going through menopause or hormonal imbalance.

♦️What cause adult acne?♦️

🔹️Hormonal imbalance
o It is the most common cause for adult acne.
o Typical symptom is red papules on surrounding mouth area.
o Acne may increase around menstrual period, during peri-menopause or menopause, stopping birth control pill, or using some hormone such as DHEA, Progesterone.

🔹️Skin care products
o Skin care products also common cause of adult acne. “Comedogenic” ingredients can cause acne comedone.
o Early symptom is acne comedone on both cheeks. Typically it can happen after using new facial products within 1 month. Red or inflamed lesion can happen later.

o Stress included physical, emotional and psychological stress can cause acne flare up.
o Common stress cause acne flare up
➕️Insomnia ( cannot sleep well), not enough rest.
➕️Emotional stress.
➕️Long trip travel.
➕️Relocation such as move from Japan to Thailand
o Red or inflamed lesions are common symptom.

🔹️Medicines or supplements
o Acne can be aggravated by some medicines or supplements such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, whey protein, iodine.


🔹️Topical daily products
As we mention above, treatment that worked so well during our teen years can be useless or even make acne worse.

Adult skin may more sensitive and dryer than teenager skin. Natural daily products are highly recommended for adult acne.

There are many natural substance that help improve acne and skin condition such as mangosteen ectract, witch hazel extract, fenugreek extract, German chamomile extract, great plantain extract, tree tree oil, etc.

At Piyawat Clinic, we treat adult acne with natural products. Our products are non-commedogenic ( not cause acne comedone)

🔹️Natural supplements

o Blood tonic is 100% natural herbal medicine that help improve hormonal imbalance. It can help improve acne lesion and blemish.

o Baganna N is 100% natural herbal medicine that help improve stress and insomnia.

🔹️Facial Treatment

✔️Comedone extraction
Extraction will clear the comedone occlusion that help accelerate acne improvement.

✔️Multivitamin blend treatment
Using natural whitening and natural anti-acne ingredients into the skin help improve the pigment and acne lesion.

✔️APL: Advance Pulse light
APL is the pulse light that can decrease P.acne (bacteria that cause acne), decrease inflammation and acne blemishes

✔️Pigment Laser (Q switch Nd:YAG laser)
The newest model can improve acne blemishes. US FDA approved model is highly recommended for safety and effectiveness.


ADM (Acquired Dermal Melanocytosis)

English( Please scroll down)


後天性真皮メラノサイトーシス(ADM) は、太田母斑のような後天性両側母斑として、1984年にDr. Hori によって最初に報告されました。思春期から中年の東アジアの女性、特に日系および中国系の女性に最も多く見られます。






※Qスイッチレーザーは、ADM治療の1番の治療法です。より新しいレーザーを使用することで効果は高くなります。ピヤワットクリニックでは、US FDAによって承認された最新のQスイッチレーザーモデルを使用しています。
※グリコール酸などのケミカルピーリングは、ADM 治療に役立つことが報告されています。
※日頃のスキンケア: 日焼け止めと美白用スキンケアは ADM治療に有効です。ピヤワットクリニックでは、主に天然由来の成分が配合されているホワイトニング製品を取り揃えています。

Acquired dermal melanocytosis (ADM) was first reported by Hori in 1984 as acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules. It is most frequently seen among adolescent to middle-aged East Asian women, particularly those of Japanese and Chinese descent.

✔️ADM manifests as multiple punctate and greyish-brown pigmented areas 1–3 mm in diameter occurring on both sides of the forehead and zygomatic region.
✔️ADM can involve the forehead, temples, eyelids, malar areas, nasal alae, and nasal root.
✔️Unlike the nevus of Ota, these pigmented lesions are not observed in the conjunctiva or mucous membranes of the mouth or nose.
✔️Although ADM affects mainly the face, there are also reports of other body areas involvement such as extremities.

Histopathological examination generally reveals irregularly-shaped, bipolar melanocytes in the upper and middle dermis without disturbance of the normal skin architecture.

The pathogenesis of ADM is not well understood. There is a research found immature melanocyte in the dermis of lesion of ADM. So the researcher hypothesized that these immature melanocyte is activated by UV-radiation, hormone (estrogen and/or progesterone), and some other factors.
Although a positive family history has been reported in one study, most cases of ADM are sporadic and genetic factors have not been suggested.

ADM can be treated in the same way as melasma treatment. ADM is more difficult to treat than melasma. Combination of the treatment is highly recommended.
✔️Q switch laser is the major priority for ADM treatment. New laser model should get more effectiveness than older machine. At Piyawat Clinic, we use the newest Q switch Laser model approved by USFDA.
✔️ Chemical peeling such as Glycoric acid is reported to be helpful for ADM treatment.
✔️ Daily products: Sunscreen and whitening agent are helpful for ADM treatment. At Piyawat Clinic, we use mainly on natural whitening agents.

Question and Answer ( J)





シミを治療するために シミレーザーを



 過去には、高エネルギーを使用してかさぶたを作り、シミを改善させるレーザーもありました。現在、新しいレーザーはエネルギーが古いモデルとはかなり異なります。新しいレーザーは、より短いダウンタイムでより高い効果が得られるように設計されています。そのため、新しいレーザーモデルでは、一部のシミのみがかさぶたになります。ピヤワット クリニックでは、最新モデルの US-FDA 承認済みレーザーを使用しています。

「グリコール酸ブライト ピーリング」は

 「グリコール酸ブライトピーリング」は 1 ~ 2 週間ごとに行うことができます。肌を明るくし、小じわや肌質改善などに効果があります。


 一般的なシミは、そばかす、肝斑、平らなほくろ、日光黒子などが挙げられます。肝斑は、対称的な色素沈着斑や顔面の斑点として現れます。男性にも発生する可能性がありますが、通常は20〜40代の女性に多くみられます。遺伝的要因、紫外線 (UV) からの影響、女性ホルモンや甲状腺疾患などのホルモン要因、妊娠や薬剤がシ




 「HIFU」は超音波エネルギーによるリフティング施術です。リフティング効果は「ダブルエイジロック」よりも高いです。 3~4ヶ月毎のトリートメントをオススメしています。
 「ULTHERA」は最も効果的なリフティング施術です。皮膚のスキャン機能を備えている為、皮膚の状態を見て分析することができます。 半年毎のトリートメントをオススメしています。


 シワのボトックスは約3~4ヶ月持続します。ボトックスリフトは約3ヶ月。ボトックス V シェイプは 約9 ~12か月持続します。多汗症(わきの下の発汗など)のボトックスは約4ヶ月持続します。