Something You have to know before getting HIFU or ULTHERA


♦ What is HIFU and ULTHERA?
      HIFU and ULTHERA are lifing treatment. They use focus ultrasound to stimulate skin deeply.


♦ How do they work?
      HIFU and ULTHERA use tiny dots of focus ultrasound to stimulate the skin to heal and regenerate new collagen fiber.

♦ Are HIFU and ULTHERA the same?
     No, they are not same. ULTHERA is original focus ultrasound for lifting approved by US FDA. It comes with ultrasonic scaner which doctor can see under skin all the time of treatment. Doctor can select optimal point and depth for threatment to get the best result.

♦ What factor effect treatment result?
      1. Machine model:
          There are different types of HIFU which have different efficacy. New model HIFU will hurt less or no pain, but get better lifing effect.
For ULTHERA, new machine and new Technique will hert less.

        2. Doctor’s skill
            For HIFU and ULTHERA, doctor’s skill affects the result of treatment. Using the same machine by 2 doctors will get different result.

        3. Skin Quality
            HIFU and ULTHERA work by stimulating skin to heal and rejuvenate itself. As we know older person or bad skin quality has less and slower wound healing. So vitamin and stem cell treatment will help improve treatment result. Natural supplement which help improve blood circulation and collagen synthesis will help improve treatment result that is more lifting and better skin quality improvement.

♦ How Long do HIFU and ULTHERA Lifting effect Last?
      In the theory, HIFU lifting effect will last for 6-9 months. ULTHERA lifting effect will last for 1 year. But in practice HIFU will last for 3-4 months and ULTHERA will last for 6-9 months depended on skin quality and life style.

♦ What should we care after HIFU or ULTHERA?
      Although HIFU and ULTHERA last for several months, regular treatments are recommended. Such as Laser to improve pigment and fine line on superfecial skin, Lifting treatment combinded with stemcell to stimulate more collagen and lifting effect.

♦ When should we start?
      As mention above, skin quality affect lifting result. So we should treat sagging skin as soon as we can. With less sagging, we will get more lifting effect and last longer.
Try consulting experience doctor is the 1st step to start !!!

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