Long COVID Hair Loss and Sexual Dysfunction

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1. 嗅覚障害
2. 脱毛
3. くしゃみ
4. 射精困難
5. 性欲減退

 ピヤワットクリニックでは、コロナ禍に、多くの脱毛症患者が来院し、症例の40%~50%は、1~3か月以内にコロナ感染またはワクチン摂取の既往歴がありました。 またコロナ症例の10%が性機能障害または性欲減退を示しました。






●100% 漢方薬の「ブラッド トニック」は、血液循環と発毛の改善に役立ちます



COVID infection is associated with a range of persistent symptoms impacting everyday function, know as post-COVID-19 condition or long COVID. UK-based primary care database analysis of 486,149 adults with COVID infection shows 62 symptoms associated with COVID infection after 12 weeks. Long COVID found in female morethan male and in younger morethan older.

♥️The largest symptoms were♥️
1. Anosmia
2. Hair loss
3. Sneezing
4. ejaculation difficulty
5. reduce libido.

At Piyawat Clinic, during COVID era, there are a lot of patients come with hair loss problem. 40% -50% of cases had history of COVID infection or COVID vaccine injection within 1-3 months. 10% of COVID cases presented with sexual dysfunction or reducing libido.

♦️Long COVID hair loss symptom♦️
✅️ Diffuse hair loss 1-3 months ( average 2 month) after COVID infection.
✅️ Normally there is no itching, no scale.
✅️ Trichoscopy ( hair microscopy) shows closed hair follicle.
Hair loss is not only affected beauty aspect but also affects social confidence, personality, mental status and may lead to depression.

♦️Sexual dysfunction symptom♦️
Male symptom
✅️ Erectile dysfunction
✅️ Ejaculation difficulty
✅️ Low sex drive
Female symptom
✅️ Low sex drive
✅️ Dry vagina
✅️ Dyspareunia(pain during intercourse)
✅️ Orgasmic disorder
Sexual dysfunction affects relationship between couple. It also affect mental health. So patients need proper treatments.

🔷️How to treat🔷️
♦️ Long COVID hair loss♦️
At Piyawat Clinic, we have a lot of long COVID hair loss cases. We treat patients with our signature method.
✅️ “Fractional hair laser” combined with “Hair Mesotherapy”. These will help stimulate and rejuvenate hair root and scalp.
✅️ “Blood Tonic” , 100% herbal medicine, help improve microcirculation and hair growth.
✅️ Hair lotion are home-used products help improve scalp condition and stimulate hair growth.
Most patients get reducing hair loss within 1st treatment.

♦️Sexual dysfunction♦️
At Piyawat Clinic, we treat sexual dysfunction with 100% herbal medicines. Doctor will prescribe herbal medicines according to the patient’s problem and symptoms. Please consult doctor for proper management.

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