ADM (Acquired Dermal Melanocytosis)

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後天性真皮メラノサイトーシス(ADM) は、太田母斑のような後天性両側母斑として、1984年にDr. Hori によって最初に報告されました。思春期から中年の東アジアの女性、特に日系および中国系の女性に最も多く見られます。






※Qスイッチレーザーは、ADM治療の1番の治療法です。より新しいレーザーを使用することで効果は高くなります。ピヤワットクリニックでは、US FDAによって承認された最新のQスイッチレーザーモデルを使用しています。
※グリコール酸などのケミカルピーリングは、ADM 治療に役立つことが報告されています。
※日頃のスキンケア: 日焼け止めと美白用スキンケアは ADM治療に有効です。ピヤワットクリニックでは、主に天然由来の成分が配合されているホワイトニング製品を取り揃えています。

Acquired dermal melanocytosis (ADM) was first reported by Hori in 1984 as acquired bilateral nevus of Ota-like macules. It is most frequently seen among adolescent to middle-aged East Asian women, particularly those of Japanese and Chinese descent.

✔️ADM manifests as multiple punctate and greyish-brown pigmented areas 1–3 mm in diameter occurring on both sides of the forehead and zygomatic region.
✔️ADM can involve the forehead, temples, eyelids, malar areas, nasal alae, and nasal root.
✔️Unlike the nevus of Ota, these pigmented lesions are not observed in the conjunctiva or mucous membranes of the mouth or nose.
✔️Although ADM affects mainly the face, there are also reports of other body areas involvement such as extremities.

Histopathological examination generally reveals irregularly-shaped, bipolar melanocytes in the upper and middle dermis without disturbance of the normal skin architecture.

The pathogenesis of ADM is not well understood. There is a research found immature melanocyte in the dermis of lesion of ADM. So the researcher hypothesized that these immature melanocyte is activated by UV-radiation, hormone (estrogen and/or progesterone), and some other factors.
Although a positive family history has been reported in one study, most cases of ADM are sporadic and genetic factors have not been suggested.

ADM can be treated in the same way as melasma treatment. ADM is more difficult to treat than melasma. Combination of the treatment is highly recommended.
✔️Q switch laser is the major priority for ADM treatment. New laser model should get more effectiveness than older machine. At Piyawat Clinic, we use the newest Q switch Laser model approved by USFDA.
✔️ Chemical peeling such as Glycoric acid is reported to be helpful for ADM treatment.
✔️ Daily products: Sunscreen and whitening agent are helpful for ADM treatment. At Piyawat Clinic, we use mainly on natural whitening agents.